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Friday, July 19, 2019

Day 7?

Ok.. first a mea culpa. The good thing about unplugging from everything means you very quickly forget what day of the week it is. So refreshing not knowing or caring really. Unfortunately, this added to to the general fatigue of breakneck racing and occasionally getting an interrupted 2 hour sleep inside of a tomblike enclosure, shared with your crewmate racked 4 inches above or below you, while the primary winch is 12" from your head above and the ocean rushes by just on the other side of your shoulder.... makes one (this one) incapable of converting dates to days.

We should arrive not on Sat evening.. but SUNDAY. 7/21. Hopefully, actually, more like in the afternoon if we can keep in the pressure.

Now.. the tough part. How to tell the rest of the crew...


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Reinrag East said...

too late -- we are partying on Saturday night :P Guess we'll just have to do it all again on Sunday! Just make sure you don't miss the island.... :) XO