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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Day 8

Saturday night is here! Only 215 miles to go, so we'll be in tomorrow for party time! Lighter winds gave everyone a chance to rest up finally after so many days of hard driving. A bit dull and very very hot in the afternoon, even after most of us finally had a chance to take a bath at the back of the boat. Scott solved the boredom problem with a smuggled speaker aboard and we rocked the afternoon away on the R2 dance floor under the shade of the big A2 spinnaker.

The evening brings a bit more wind and we are back to some small surfs and a favorable shift towards the finish line. Last night was such a gorgeous sunset, seen I think only by our little boat. Makes you wonder if really the purpose of our world is just a cosmic canvas, under constant variation for every hour and for every latitude, just for the joy of the Artist. Or maybe its just another reason we do Transpac.



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edub said...

Love it when the world around you takes your breath away.
So much buzz here! Looking fwd to seeing Reinrag2 in motion....TODAY!