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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day 4 Report

July 15, 2007, 1200 PDT
26* 00.5' N
126* 43.9' N

As only a junior employee in the newly chartered "Ultimate Arrogance Corporation", I would apologize for not reporting our progress before today. But, apologies are strictly against company policy; as we say at UAC, "What can you do for us today?".

Truth be told, we are just now settling down into the Transpac mode. Yesterday saw us "turn the corner" put the big chute up and start the classic slot car race across the Pacific. The boat is getting drier and the humor a lot less so. The great sandwiches we had for the start ran out yesterday, and we had our first (freezed dried) hot meal. Joby reports 2 for 3 so far on the BM report. (I myself have my first appointment on the jet wash for later today). J/Girl who previously detested Red Bull, now converted, exclaims happily after learning of Taursin, "I just **** a bull!" Capt. Ron just started a rush to the bucket showers at the back of the boat. (And the breeze is already fresher). T-Gar had his first snake session to the back to check on another squeak in the steering.

The weather has been beautiful. Not quite windy enough, but pretty great sailing. Last night it warmed up a little and the east coasters had shorts on. Lots of clouds last night, but we did have a nice open patch of stars overhead with no moon. About 2300, a meteor, like a great green and red ball of fire exploded over our heads and lit the sails and the sea like a flash bulb. Seems like a good omen to me.

Signing off for now.

Data (aka Darren).

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