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Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 8 Update

(To the rhythem of Lionel Richie..) "All night squall, all night, ALL NIGHT SQUALL, all right!"

Things are working out pretty good on the happy boat Reinrag^2. Lots of you have been asking for updates on the minor details of life. For example, my shoes. They were incased in plastic and set on a shrine next to the steering. We were hoping that the squeaking mouse would leave the rudder post and eat them instead, given how "ripe" they had become. No luck though. The squeak was really beginning to get worrisome. We tried using a bunch of McLube on it, but mouse just seemed to get angrier. But T-Gar had an inpiration yesterday and decided to drown it with water. Worked like a charm. The mouse is dead. Oh and the alternator problem? Fixed too, although we did run the engine a bit extra long while it wasn't working and we might be a touch low on diesel. More importantly, Joby took a shower yesterday. (The rest of the crew is on deck now, looking like they might want to force the issue with me.) Scott, Joby has also taken a commanding lead in the launched cliff bar comp. Not for lack of trying mind you.

If the Cipango boys are listening... we wish them luck on "consolidating" their position. They are definite candidates for board membership at UAC. And cheers to the guys on Horizon.

Aloha... all night long...

Dr. D>

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go team go!!!!!!!!l,s.