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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 7 Update

I think this must be day 7. We're rocking out here. We had some alternator problems so we may not get another chance to update because we are conserving batteries for emergencies. More later... we are all having fun and we're having our 1/2 way party later today (1111 miles to go.) We had our first flying fish on deck, and being a gift from the sea, I ate it. (Protein, yum!) Meanwhile, the rest of the crew voted my shoes off the boat. (So, now they are back in the stern feeding the sick mouse that is our steering.)

Dr. D

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Lynn Easton Sr. said...

You guys are looking great on the web(the parts that work)
I announced your 1st place, class and overall, at the RCYC general meeting last night and you received a rousing HOOOORAH! and a request for constant updates.
You are making a lot of PDXers proud and happy.
Joby's Daddy