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Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday - closing in.

It was a weeks worth of Mondays at the office this week, but we had a little off-site this afternoon with cookies, crackers, oysters and a bottle of wonderful Port provided by Kevin's mom JoLinda along with other appropriate party favors. Thank you.

With 565nm left we are truly in gring mode as in grinding people down. We jumped from 7th to 3rd place over night with only Tachyon and Bad Pack in front of us. Many things can go right or wrong, wind speed, wind direction, sea state, asset preservation and so on.

It really is getting pretty exciting. We've made a strong recovery and now we'll see about willing ourselves across the finish.

Last night was what I usually call Big Boy Sailing. It was full on. +20 knots of breeze, pitch frikin black and puffs of air that just launch the boat. We weren't on the edge but definitely out playing near it. With only 5 people on board and somebody need rest for the next shift there are usually only 2 or 3 people in the cockpit.

We've had another strong sailing day today and hopefully more tonight. If it looks to blow again, we may change to the heavy air kite.

More soon.


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