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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday July 8th

While our results may not show it, we are doing much better. Finally the wind has shifted, we have up everything we own and now it's just a drag race. Just a couple more knots of breeze and we will then have no cards left to play other than time and skill.

The boat loves to sail and in over 19 knots with a big spinnaker life gets really easy. Point and go and start smiling.

Having two parties tonight. Both are extremely exclusive with a small and focused guest list. Halfway party is at 8 and my birthday at 8:30. We going to ask the band to play both gigs. They offered a discount.

More later,



Donna Salisbury said...

Congratulations on both upcoming accomplishments this evening from your Pacific Yacht Club hosts!

Party on!

Cathey said...

Happy Birthday Joby!

Cathey said...

...and good luck Reinrag2. Give your all and know that's all you can do. The R2 crew rocks!

cindasl said...

Happy Halfway Party to you all. Hula it up with style, and Joby Happy birthday to you!!! You guys seem to have a great attitude. Talked to my mate on board and he seems to have high spirits, but we miss him much!! Good luck sailors, we'll see you at the finish line!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Lashawna, we are rooting for you. Have fun and happy birthday to Joby. Sail fast!
Peter and Emmy, CA.