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Saturday, July 19, 2014

50 miles to go.

We're approacing Oahu.. just about 5 hours to finish.. give or take with
current conditions. Just took down our biggest sail as a largish squall
overruns us. Hopefully it will bring us right into the finish line. Its
been a good day.. pretty fast and the crew is smiling.. thinking about
seeing our families and a clean water shower and a drink with ice in it.
(and for me personally.. I'd have like to say I weaned myself from my
google addition, but I'm already itching to look up the kind of birds that
are swooping out on the waves outside.)

Can't wait for Aloha! Ok.. back to work.. got to pack a spinnaker.. not
there yet.



Jim Morgan said...

It was a Kahoolawe Kahoolawe bird!

Jim Morgan said...

Nice race Team Reinrag!

Phillip Stern said...

I enjoyed reading your blog while you raced. Super adventure!