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Sunday, July 13, 2014

The moon!

Great night last night. Getting a little warmer so its not completely
freezing up on the rail. We went through a bit of the laundry as we
finally found the right kite for the conditions.. and just one fat lip for
our troubles (mine.. its not a big deal, but someone owes me a Mai Tai.)

The moon which was hidden these past days made herself fully known last
night.. it was like daytime on the ocean, with the moon shining through our
vermilion chute making the crew think about tasting blood.. (oh, maybe that
was just me).

Stars tried to shine too, but Luna was too powerful.. could only make out
the big dipper and part of Cassiopeia. Of course, Orion which graced the
skies in March was nowhere to be found. Maybe tonight before the moon makes
her big entrance, I'll glimpse other celestial figures.

Oh.. the other big news.... and it is big.. 1/2 the crew has had movement.
Yeah.. I'm talking about the scatological.. you know.. the old number
2... we pooped, okay? (Its a topic that doesn't seem to get old on the 3rd
day at sea.)



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I notice you neglected to share which half of the crew. Are you saving that info for the next post?

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