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Friday, July 11, 2014

Chilly and damp night

Nice night last night.. if you like beating towards Hawaii in the mist.
No, really, I mean it. Big headsail up, seas were reasonable.. wind about
10 kts... a big bright moon that we never saw but it made the sea look like
it does in old WWII movies. Windy enough that we wanted weight on the rail
so we took turns getting cold and damp with the occasionally misty fogs
that would roll by.

Morning did not bring sun, but did bring billions (and billions) of tiny
blue man-o-war.. my brother calls them blue bottles. At first we thought
there were a lot.. perhaps 10 per square meter covering the ocean. Then we
got to patches where they were stuck up against eachother... thousands per
square meter... and carpets of them 10 meters wide by 100 meters long.
Like you could walk on a blue green grass on top of ocean. But.. don't try

0800 roll call confirms we split from Swazik and Hamachi...

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