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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Last Day!

Just filed the 0800 (PDT) position report... Just 171 "glorious miles" to
go and we have the boat pointed at the mark.

It's still dark on the boat of course as we are so near to Hawaii now.
Venus came up and pierces through the clouds with its intense brightness
that seems to change color like a diamond... like Jerry sang, "the spiral
light of Venus rising first and shining best."

Last night was so beautiful... perfect conditions for star gazing. The
boat moving fast enough to be easy to drive, but not so break neck that it
required a huge amount of concentration.. and the moon didn't rise until
half the night was over. Mostly clear skys let the stars pop out.. the
milky way just parallel with our course on the port side guiding us into
Hawaii. And just to make sure we didn't get lost.. I counted 4 meteors
aiming in the same way off our port bow.

Just hours away now. See you soon our loves.

(Keep the bar open friends.)


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